The Shattered Mirror

When first the Creator scattered the stars amongst the void, and lovingly crafted the individual spheres of the multitude, he quiickly realised he needed helpers, to add diversity and creativity to each sphere. so early on he created the Titans to help in the crafting of the worlds.

then he created the Mirror that he could see all creation as it took shape.

but one titan became secretive, despising the truth that the mirror revealed. They grumbled to the other titans, poisoning their minds, turning them against all the mirror represented.

Then in a fit of rage, they shattered the mirror.

as the mirror broke, so too did all creation. as all creation broke, so too did the creator, and so too did the titans.

within each shard remains a small portion of the creator, and some small portion of the titans.

within each shard remains one or two of the worlds that were created.

within each world there may be several shards.

and thus lies a link to many worlds, if one can learn how to walk the paths.

The Shattered Mirror